Peter Frampton

Peter Kenneth Frampton (born 22 April 1950 in Bromley, Kent, United Kingdom) is a British rock musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist, best known for his live release Frampton Comes Alive! Frampton is famous for his work as a guitar player and particularly with a Talkbox and his baritone voice.

Frampton Fun Fact #1: Both he and fellow Brit David Bowie were pupils at Bromley Technical School (where his father, Owen Frampton, was Bowie's art instructor). Peter and David would spend lunch breaks together, playing Buddy Holly songs.

Frampton Fun Fact #2a: As "Billy Shears" he starred, with The Bee Gees, in producer Robert Stigwood's film Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978). Although poorly received when released, it has become a cult classic. Frampton Fun Fact #2b: He also played guitar on the title song of the 1978 film Grease, a song newly-written for the film by... Bee Gee Barry Gibb.

Frampton Fun Fact #3: He made a TV appearance in the Family Guy episode "Death Lives", in which Peter Griffin asks Death to bring Peter Frampton to play "Baby, I Love Your Way" to his wife, Lois. Great episode (Btw... he DOES!).

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