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Ah Whiskey…there is nothing better than a nice glass of Bushmills 21 year old single malt whis….Wait, what….I already did this…But...But…it is really good. Oh, Alright I will do something new, But you should try a nice glass of Bushmills 21…anyways have you ever had Mead? Mead is not a beer nor is it a wine. Mead is made with fermented honey, yeast and water and can vary in taste greatly by the type of honey used. Mead, sometimes known as honey wine, might be the oldest alcoholic drink, there are vessels that have been discovers dating back to 7000 B.C! When trying mead I suggest trying a bunch of different ones. Not all meads are made the same, just like not all honey is made the same as honey is made by bees and is given it’s distinct flavors from the types of flowers the bees go to this directly affects the flavor of the honey which in turn affects the flavor of the mead. Unlike some of the past posts I am going to suggest two different meads to show case how different the flavors can vary from one to another. The first one is in the range of 10 bucks…yep $10 and it is made in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. It is the Mystic Mead Wildflower Blend. The second one is 10 times more expensive and runs around $100. Coming from New Hampshire the Moonlight Meadery Utopian Semi- Sweet Mead is also very delicious. Once again even though they are both Meads the tastes are two completely and separate entities. Both of these are light type of meads and should be served chilled. If you do try deeper colored mead, room temperature is more preferable. Think about how you would serve a wine…whites are normally chilled and reds are not. But the truth is as I have said in the past it is really up to your tastes; you are the best expert when it comes to what you like and how you like it.

Till next time…Here is one for your health, Cheers!

Mystic Mead Wildflower Blend – ABV 11.5%
Moonlight Meadery Utopian Semi-Sweet Mead – ABV 18%
NOTE: this was from batch #9. This Mead is limited in its run and can vary…the next batch is in 2021 just a heads up. And yes batch #9 is still available.

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