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Kamora Coffee Liqueur

As I sit here and sip my coffee I ponder what deliciousness I should write about this week. Beer? Vodka? Whiskey? Then it hits me as I take another sip of my delicious 16 ounces of love (AKA coffee) I have written about Kahlua now let me tell you about another coffee liqueur that is slightly less expensive and has the same ABV, and that would be Kamora Coffee liqueur. Kamora Coffee Liqueur is not as sweet as Kahlua but does have the same A.B.V. at about 20% or 40 proof. Kamora in my opinion is great for mixing into other delicious cocktails and or shots. As for cost you will find normally Kamora will be less expensive as I have priced a couple places the average for a 750 ml bottle of Kahlua is about $18.99, whereas Kamora is about $11.99.

As always drink responsibly and…

- Nagle

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