Wibbage Sunday Side Up w/ John Lockwood

Every Sunday morning at 9am, it’s “Wibbage Sunday Side Up with John Lockwood”… Around the World in 60 Minutes with a fresh mix of All Your Favorite Super Hits!

Each “Sunday Side Up” program begins with the “Brit Bunch”… a collection of 4 songs from across the Pond as we pay tribute to my previous specialty programme!

There’s also “Motown Moments”, saluting the music and artists from the Motor City…

… as well as a Featured Artist each and every week!

Your feedback and requests are more than welcome. Please e- mail to: wibgsundaysideup@gmail.com You can also use this e- mail to win stuff from time to time!

Please tune in this Sunday from 9 till 10am for “Wibbage Sunday Side Up with John Lockwood”- and thanks in advance for your support!

- J Lock

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