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Wibbage 99 was Philadelphia’s original rock and roll radio station, introducing millions of Delaware Valley teenagers to the sounds of Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Motown and much more.

Wibbage FM 94.3 is our tribute to the great Philly station of our youth. You’ll hear real personalities that have been entertaining South Jersey for years, and you’ll also hear local news, weather and events. Plus, all the Super Hits that you know and love!

Your favorite songs from...

Billy Joel, Elton John, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Huey Lewis and the News, John Mellencamp, Four Tops, Temptations, Van Morrison, Duran Duran, Police, Michael Jackson, America, Doobie Brothers, and so many more!!!

What's Happening?

It’s the Wibbage Free Ride at Five brought to you by Avalon Honda - Home of the Nice Guys, with Chris Nagle and...YOU!

Be a part of our 94 minute commercial Free Ride at 5pm, Monday to Friday. Just email Chris Nagle with your five favorite Super Hits. Chris will select someone new every day. Win a pair of tickets to Harbor Square Theatre, 96th Street Stone Harbor. And you will get the chance to join in with Chris on the air!

Email your five favorite Super Hits to​

It’s the Free Ride at Five with Chris Nagle and YOU, on Wibbage 94.3!


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