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Thaw out from winter’s cold with the Wibbage 94.3 Spring Break Getaway, February 28th to March 12th. Our thirteen day road trip includes round trip motor coach transportation to Orlando, with TEN nights in PRIME Florida during the most popular time of the year, and you choose how to enjoy the sunshine! Your centrally-located hotel, the Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando, a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winner, is within walking distance of hundreds of shops, restaurants, movie theatres & attractions along the International Drive entertainment district, including the Pointe Orlando entertainment complex located directly across the street. Convenient, optional shuttle transportation is also available to the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Florida, Seaworld Orlando, and more. Visit an attraction, do some shopping or sightseeing or just relax by one of the five pools. Baseball fans can opt for reserved seats to enjoy the sights & sounds of Grapefruit League spring training baseball, including games with the Phillies and the Yankees, with complementary round trip motor coach transportation right from your hotel. So, leave behind the winter parka and break out the summertime shorts with our Wibbage 94.3 Spring Break Getaway!

Call 609-545-8505 for more information!

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Jerry's Dad Joke of the Week

Ken's CMCAS Pet Spotlight


Sheba Ina / Chow Mix - 8 years old

She lived with one family her entire life until she was brought to the shelter last Spring. Missy’s owner was hospitalized and never came back for her. She is definitely house trained and will never soil her kennel or bedding. She is wonderful in the car and calm in the house. Missy has great leash manners and loves long walks, but is also happy to simply run in a yard. She looks like a cold weather dog, but Missy hates this frigid weather! People pass her by because she is a senior dog and she sits calmly in her kennel so they hardly even notice she is present. GREAT companion dog for a senior citizen.

Holy cow has it been cold! We have been seeing temperatures in the negative degrees in places across the country and dangerous cold really across the country. So this week’s Wibbage Wet Your Whistle we are going HOT. Now, before we introduce the warm concoction this week you should know that the warming sensation of alcohol on a cold day is just that sensation and does not actually warm your body. So, why does this sensation happen? Well, alcohol will constrict your blood vessels moving warming blood closer to the surface of your skin making you feel warmer when in fact your core temperature is actually lowering. In other words don’t go out running through the streets naked as a wee jay bird after a few drinks with a bottle of whatever in your hands singing Run Free; you will be rather cold…and plus the police and most likely your neighbors frown upon this. Now that you are armed with the knowledge that it is ill-advised to get drunk and run naked in the streets on a cold day, have you ever had a Hot Toddy?

Hot Toddy can be made with either rum, brandy, whiskey, or a mixture of the three and either with hot water or tea, along with honey/ sugar and some spices and serves hot. There are all different recipes for a Hot Toddy. In some of the Midwestern states they may use a ginger ale with some honey and lemon and a brandy or bourbon. Really you can make your own concoction that tastes best to you...trial and error isn’t a bad thing but I would start basic (Your choice of alcohol, couple teaspoons of honey or sugar, couple teaspoons of lemon, throw in a cinnamon stick and garnish with a lemon). I am going to give you one of my variations as well for you to try. Stay Warm and Cheers!

Happy New Year!

Hot Toddy
2 Ounces Irish Whiskey
6 Ounces hot water
2 teaspoons Honey
1 teaspoon Lemon juice
1 teaspoon Orange Juice
1 cinnamon stick
Splash of Ginger Ale

Jerry's Classic Vinyl

With the resurgence of vinyl, Jerry wanted to spotlight some of his favorite records from days gone by!
This week's selection comes from the mustached wonder, Allen Valish and his Orchestra!

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Wibbage Classic Video

"Take On Me" - a-ha

"Take On Me" is a song by Norwegian synthpop band A-ha. The self-composed original version was produced by Tony Mansfield, and remixed by John Ratcliff. The second version was produced by Alan Tarney for the group's debut studio album Hunting High and Low (1985). The song combines synthpop with a varied instrumentation that includes acoustic guitars, keyboards and drums.

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Sponsor Spotlight: Geoscape Solar

Geoscape Solar has a vision of a world
without Fossil Fuels.

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and make it easy for our customers to make a change.

“Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible. Designed from the ground up to be a great solar company, Geoscape Solar has grown into one of the leading solar companies in the country. Geoscape Solar’s installed projects range from small residential systems to large commercial projects. Along the way, customers have recognized that Geoscape Solar is not your typical solar company - and we like it that way!”

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